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    WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT Ardekay IT Recruitment 

    Curious about what others say about Ardekay IT Recruitment? About our Recruitment Consultants or about our approach? You can read reviews from our candidates and clients here. We’d also be delighted to hear your feedback on what you liked about our services. Or about what we could improve. If you’d like to share your opinion, please write a review and email it to info@ardekay.com

    Samarth U. recommends János Andreas Forgách

    God sent an Angel to the earth to help me and guess who was it. It was Janos Frogach. I am very thankful to Janos. Full of energy, sport and vigor.
    Needless to say, he is a great recruiter with lots and lots of contacts and network in and around Munich in the area of Java/JEE.
    He understood my need and also the client requirements. My experience with him is truly amazing. His communication skills are too good.
    He is proficient in English and needless to say he is a master in German language.
    He got me an offer in a week. Believe me. Its not exaggeration. You can count on him always and so do the clients count on him.
    Anybody looking for an opportunity in the field of Java/JEE, approach Janos and you will reach your dream destination in no time.
    On the personal front, he is a great friend, fun to be with, jovial, work hard and party hard.
    I would love to be associated with him in all my future assignments.
    Vielen Dank für deine hilfe Janos.

    Anonym recommends Hong-Anh Ngo

    Hong-Anh provided me with an exceptional recruiting experience. Despite the challenges of hiring an international, she quickly found a position that was a perfect fit for me with an offer that was fair both to me and the company. I would describe her as passionate about her work, friendly, and an excellent communicator. She worked hard to make sure that I not only had a good company to work for but she also made sure that my transition into a new country was as painless as possible.

    Pawan Bhattarai recommends Manuel Maye

    Ardekay has been a great assistant in career path, with their excellent counseling on my career focus and on the diversity of my skills one being very low level of German Language skills. I found their support very professional, prompt and effective. Their exceptionally nice and considerate and sensitive counselors was one of the best of what I got from them. I was most frequently in contact with Mr. Maye whom I found very kind, helpful and also full of dedications, which ultimately helped me get the work on the organization that I was always looking for.
    In short, I give Ardekay and Mr. Maye my deepest thanks for such a great assistance, and wish that they will continue to do so in future endeavors.

    Alexandru David recommends Richard Straub

    At the end of 2014 when I was searching for a position in Nord-Rhein-Westfallen I received on offer from Ardekay Dusseldorf to represent me in recommending my CV to companies. Richard Straub was my contact at Ardekay Duesseldorf during this process. He acted with due dilligence in finding a company that corresponded to my search criteria, I got an interview and received a very warm welcome in the company based on Richard’s recommendation. The communication process through Richard went very smoothly and I was informed beforehand on the various particularities of the company, interview, and then employment conditions and process. Based on my experience I can recommend Richard as a well-oriented, friendly and competent person with good skills in the process of recruiting and workforce placement.